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First Thoughts on Steel City Pops

We got to indulge in some popsicles last week on Guadalupe street. When I used to think of these ice sticks there were just that, ice with some flavor drops. Remember those squeeze pop style ones that came in cases of 50 for your freezer? I used to do rock paper scissor competitions for the pink one.

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Chef Darci’s Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

After interviewing these amazing chefs around Austin and letting you know about them, we also want to give you a taste of what they do. We asked Chef Darci for a recipe for her brighteningly sweet watermelon lemonade. After leaving I have to admit I left the watermelon slice in there, and it flavored my water all day as I refilled it.

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How to Spend $350 on Food Your First Week in Austin

I don’t recommend this. I would title this How Not to Spend $350 in Your First Week in Austin, but I don’t know how to do that yet.


Apparently foodie adventures can seem budgeted while you’re doing them, you know, that skipping a glass of wine or dessert, but those $15 meals and $4 drinks can make you feel like you’re playing Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader? once you add it all up.

It’s just, once you taste Austin, and take a bite of cake from your Hey Cupcake Michael Jackson cupcake, then you decide that Austin is the true home of the Gingerbread House, and you will find it. You know it’s there, and there’s thousands of randomly flavored candies lining the trails, and plenty of Austinites to take on any Grandma.

From their FB

I’ve tried Picnik, both locations, The Steeping room, both locations, Wholly Cow, Strange Brew, Independence Fine Foods, Violet Heart, Salt and Time, Peche, Pacha, The Irish Pub, Cuvee, Cenote, and spent hours in Whole Foods and Central Market. There’s plenty of posts to come on those, but I need to take better pictures before taking that leap. I’m still figuring out this camera.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The food here is just so divine, and weird, and wonderful like all of Austin. I love the thrill behind every person you see walking around here, and how everywhere I go I make a new friend. You feel a sense of home here because the community is so in love with where they live here.

I even went to Central Market to check it out because humans have been telling me about it for ages. It. Was. Incredible. Beautiful people, which are everywhere in Austin, a kombucha I haven’t found anywhere else but Sedona, Arizona and tons of veggies and fruits you choose as much as you want of. It’s like a farmer’s market.


Today I am forcing myself to stay in, not spend anything, do some writing, and then mayyyyybe go to whole foods to get coconut milk. I need it since I already have a starter. There’s coconut milk yogurt here 😉 I love the farmer’s markets.