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Austin Halal Our Favorite Mediterranean Food Truck


When you search for you favorite thing to eat in Austin and you don’t find what you are looking for. There are only a couple of things you can do about it. For most of us we go home and try and make it ourselves. Or just give up and go about our day. But for Raya Naser she did things a little differently. You see Raya tried really hard to find her favorite Mediterranean place in Austin. But let’s be honest. The scene here really isn’t that good. That was until now. That was until Raya did something about it. Last April Raya’s husband had a heart attack. It was an eye opener for the family. He asked Raya what she wanted to do in case he wasn’t able to be around anymore. Raya thought about it for a long time. And she decided that a food truck is what she wanted. Her dream was to have a place where people can go and enjoy great Mediterranean food.  She said this with a a couple of tears coming down. You could tell that for her this was life. Her husband is her best friend. He wanted to make sure that she had something that was stable in case something happened to him. As a husband and a father those are things that keep you from sleeping at night.

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