We have a writer’s perspective as well as a chef. Which is more credible and allows us to build relationships. We want to focus on the chefs, the industry, and where food is going in Austin. Austin is at a turning point and we want to tell the story of that journey.

Ainsley is a tiny human who loves to write and wants to break food down into a scientific equation. Her desire for food to be loved by humans comes from her primal instincts. She wants you to taste and know and feel what it means to be the most evolved creatures on Earth. Food connects you to your mind, your body and your existence. 

Jason is a chef that cares about the story of food. He wants to take you back to the memory he has of it. To the memory you share with it. Food will tell you about the region from where it came. To taste that story, to have it prepared as a meal, is what Jason will give you.


Doing interviews with writers or bloggers is sometimes tiring. We use lingo and words that are only known to us. We as cooks, chefs, bussers and servers live by a certain code. We live a life that most people will find odd. But we love it. Being in the industry for over 15 years gives an advantage. We understand the life. We understand the lingo. We understand the code that is the restaurant industry. What we are trying to do is give us, the employees, a voice. And along the way show a little bit of our protected secrets. Showing the story behind the mind of the chefs. Displaying the produce. Showing where it was sourced from, and showing what can be done with simple ingredients.