Who is the Tacoman?


Tacos tacos tacos. There are so many places to get tacos in Austin. So when I made my way to Tacoman512 I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been asked by multiple people about Tacoman. What do I know about it? Who owns it? What is it? I could never give an answer. That is until I found my self on South Congress right before an AFBA happy hour. I walked up not knowing what to expect. Here’s what I knew about Tacoman. It is owned by Tom Ramsey. I very respected person in this industry. I knew that it was a truck from Snappy Snacks. I also knew they sold tacos. That pretty much sums it up. I walked up to six ladies waiting in front of the truck I thought they had ordered. I looked at the menu. Three items and that’s it. Just three I thought? 20180612_174814This man knows what he is doing. I walked up to the window and simply said what is going on here? The person at the window just looked at me and said we make tacos. I knew I had asked a dumb question. There was a person outside the truck who asked if I needed help. I looked at her thinking she was with the group of ladies. I didn’t know what to think so I just asked whats good. She started to explain a little to me about the truck and what they do. I asked what she did there. Her name is Nicolle. She is the manager of Tacoman512. I took her advice and ordered one of each taco. I also ordered an aqua fresca. I stood outside and took pictures, I really liked what they did with the space. They added turf grass to the property. It gives it a really nice and inviting space to be around. Outside of the truck they also have their catering cart. This cart is something that they use for all of their catering events. It was actually cool to see the setup. I spent some time talking with Nicolle about how tacoman is operated. I always like to learn and see how someone is working their business. She answered all of the questions I had.  Not knowing why I was asking these questions. Which was nice. A lot of times I find that people think I am trying to steal a recipe or something. Trust me I don’t need it. As I waited for my food I watched the interaction that the person had at the window when each person ordered. Quik and to the point. She answered everyone’s questions. The training was great for the employee. Often food trucks open with employees that have little to no training. I just kept thinking man they know what they are doing. I kept asking Nicolle question after question. If anything I was falling in love with the company before I had the chance to eat the food. 20180612_171530

Let’s talk tacos.  Al Pastor is a dish that was created in Central Mexico. It is commonly referred to as something like shawarma. Cooked on a trompo it rotates as the meat is cooked. There is also a whole pineapple that sits on top of the meat. This allows the juices from the pineapple to slowly glaze the pork. Its food porn at its best. I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of al pastor tacos. In fact, there has only been one place that I have found I can actually appreciate it. Its this little place in San Antonio called Data Point. Yes, Data Point. There is nothing special about this place. In fact, it’s in a little shopping center. If you blink you will pass it up. But what they do in there is pure magic. So I guess I can say I have high standards when it comes to my al pastor. I took a bite of the taco and was automatically taken back….. Just kidding it didn’t take me back. I have nothing to go back to like this. The pork had a crispy texture to it. Not hard, but crispy and juicy at the same time. I was getting little hints of the pineapple. It was unlike anything I had ever had. I remember looking at Nicolle and thinking I wonder if she knows how big they are going to be.  I also ordered the vegan taco. Nothing really special about when you first look at it. But what they do with the naples is amazing. Soft tender and full of flavor. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. I think that’s the thing with vegan tacos. You never expect to like them. Tacoman just made it simple. It was the perfect pairing for a taco. I tried the sandia ( watermelon) agua fresca it was so refreshing I wish I had bought two. One thing that most people don’t realize about agua frescas is that some places add a powder to the fruit. It gives it a more flavorful profile. To me, I can tell right away. Tacoman did not cut any corners here. The agua fresca was so good.

Nicole from loveofallofthethings waiting for her taco.

I walked away with a sense of pride. Finally, there is a place that knows what they are doing. I am going to set up an interview with Tom the owner in the future. I feel I owe it to the people who read our blog. There is a point in my life where I find it hard to believe in people and their dreams. I run into so many business owners who don’t get it. Nor do they understand why they are in this business. Tacoman gets its. They understand who they are and where they are going. To be honest I am right there with them I have had the honor to spend a little bit of time with the manager Nicolle. She said something to me that really helped me understand the company a little more. ” Can you believe it, I love my job” Yes I can. I can not wait for the rest of the city to say how much they love Tacoman512.

Taken from @tacoman512. Owner Tom and manager Nicolle

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