My first look at Whitfield’s



South Austin is not like most of Austin. When it comes to BBQ there is no shortage of places to visit. With places like Valentina’s, Louie’s, and Leroy and Lewis do we need more BBQ places? I don’t know. This week I had the opportunity to visit Whitfield’s in South Austin. Located on Brodie lane and Davis. Whitfield’s is owned by former Texas Longhorn Football player Kasey Studdard and Chef Josh Watkins. Now before I go on about the food and my experience. I want to talk about the football fan that I am. Watching the amazing year that the Longhorns had in 2005 most people were big on Vince Young. But being the big guy that I was I was looking at #64. I was watching Kasey Studdard. I waited over 10 years to meet him. I was a fan. So when I heard that he was coming into my world I knew I had to go and support him. I had to continue being the fan.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to share my meal with the owners of The BBQ Posse. Old school journalist who has a passion for food. It was great to sit with two guys who have done what I am trying to do for decades. I learned a lot. We talked BBQ we talked what it is like to be a blogger. I got great insight into this world that I am trying to stay relevant in. I have always enjoyed meetings like this. Just people talking food.


BBQ is something that we as Texans pride ourselves on. We love our BBQ. So why would a former football player and fine dining chef open a BBQ food truck? I’m not sure, to be honest. I didn’t want to wait for an interview. I kept seeing different posts on social media so I decided to just see what was going on. I arrived right at 4pm on a Thursday. It was hot. Like really hot. The gravel road didn’t help at all. Sun beating hard on the gravel right to my eyes. There was a short line at the window. Kasey Studdard was taking the orders. I waited about 15 minutes to make my order. I like to see what most people were getting. It helps me decide on what to get. Brisket, ribs, sausage and pickled items were the most requested. There was also chicken on the menu. Not one person ordered it though. I waited and waited and nothing. This helped me make up my mind. It was finally my turn. I looked up at Kasey and asked ” hey what should I get’? He just looked at me and said ” what are you feeling’? I thought that was a little weird. In my experience with food trucks and with what I have always taught my staff to do and say is to guide the customer through the menu. Start with what you feel is your best item. Then go to one that is your favorite. Then something you need to sell. Now I have to keep in mind that they have only been open three weeks. There is still so much to learn. I placed my order. I’ll take the pulled chicken sandwich. Kasey looked at me like I just ordered off the menu. He quickly looked over at Josh, walked over to him and said “tacos”. Um, no the sandwich. I told  Kasey the last item on the sandwich list was the chicken sandwich. He just said ok. It’s going to be $10. Well, the price next to the menu item said $8 but I’ll let it slide.


My pulled chicken sandwich looked really good. It came with a small portion of white sauce as they call it. It was pretty much just an aioli. It was good. I liked it. The chicken had a little bit of a smokey flavor. I wanted more. I wanted to feel the kick of smoke just hit me in the face. There was also some pickled red onions and spiralized cucumber on the sandwich as well. The bun was a soft sourdough. I actually kind of liked it. It was really moist. Great choice for these guys. I had dinner with The BBQ Posse so they invited me to share on their spread. The sausage was pretty good. I have grown to love jalapeno  sausage recently. This one had a nice kick to it. The brisket was pretty good. We all agreed it could use a little more rub on it as well as smoke. The ribs we good. Gave a little pull when you took a bite. I would have liked a little more of the rub and smoke. Now I’m not a big fan of pickled items so I’m not going to write about it. But if you are. They have a ton of other items. Hopefully, I will be able to grab an interview with someone on the truck soon.


Overall I think it was an ok experience. There is a lot of room for improvement. I have high hope for this place. After just three weeks you can’t really judge a place on what they are serving. I will be back. I will continue to go back. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for their future.


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