Louie’s, the new Prince of BBQ

All over Austin we have great BBQ joints. From the kings of BBQ there’s Franklins, Valentina’s, Freedmans, and La Barbecue. There are so many places to claim to be the best, but thats not what we are talking about today. Louie’s, owned by Luis Vasquez, has opened their new spot at St. Elmo Market 4329 S. Congress. They were previously located in Sunset Valley, which has a new opening on South Congress. With his new location he is looking to claim his name in BBQ. For me he is trying to keep the title of the Prince of BBQ in Austin. Given the name Prince by me just a few seconds ago. Luis is doing something that every home pit master dreams of. Making Texas BBQ for his friends and family. But for Luis his friends and family are the lucky people in South Austin.


When I think of amazing BBQ in Austin Louie’s doesn’t come to mind. But that is not what makes Louie’s amazing. What makes Louie’s is Luis. Most BBQ places are owned or ran by pit masters that have a long pedigree of where they have worked or previous pit masters they have worked for. But not Luis, and that’s what you want. This is a man who is self taught. He did what most men do when they want to learn something. YouTube. Is this bad? No, absolutely not we all do this. But what sets Luis apart from other guys is he has done this and his food is actually good. Like really good. Is it the best, no. But man I can eat it over and over again and not feel like this isn’t dang good Texas BBQ. Luis is doing something that you are not seeing much in new BBQ places in Texas. Most BBQ places are opening up to be the best. They are looking for that title. They want to be the best. Luis is just doing what he loves. I was able to sit with a friend of mine for a meal there a couple of months ago. We both agree that what he is doing is good.


Now somethings that does set Luis apart is what he is doing with his sides. Mac and Cheese is always a good sign. Luis serves his the good ole fashion way. Bright yellow cheese and noodles. The way God gave it to us. Cilantro lime slaw, potato salad and street corn are a couple or the other sides they are offer. Louie’s has the traditional brisket, sausage, and pork ribs. The trinity in Texas BBQ. Along with pulled pork and chicken you can also get these meats in sandwich and taco form. LOADED BAKED POTATO this is something that you are not seeing in most BBQ places. But is a must at Louie’s. From potatoes that weigh any where from 2.5 lbs to almost 3 lbs its hard not to want to try this out. Your choice of meat, butter, cheese, green onions, sour cream, jalapeno salsa and BBQ sauce. Yes all of this on one baked potato. Luis charges $10 for this beauty and we don’t even care. Its worth every penny and pound.



If and when you make your visit to Louie’s make sure you take the time to say hi to Luis Vasquez. He is a kind and humble person.


Tuesday- Saturday

11:00am- 7:00 pm or Sold Out

Picture from Luis Vasquez

One thought on “Louie’s, the new Prince of BBQ

  1. As one of his family members, I too enjoy a good BBQ experience. I’ve pretty much tried everything on the menu, even the turkey that is not listed on the menu. If you go by his trailer, just ask to see if he has it on your visit. The funny thing is that I have visited so many times that I still look at the menu even though I already know what he has…it’s just that I cant make up my mind. It’s that good. I promise that you will not leave hungry if you visit his business. I’d like to give you some advice if you do go….do it early because he often sells out before the closing time of 7pm. It’s that good.


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