Where is the Love?

ATX Cocina, Kuneho, Salty Sow, and Torchy’s. these are restaurants that we as Austinites have grown to love. Some of them are new. Some have been around for years. But one thing that they don’t have yet is love. Yes, they have love for what they do, they have love for their food. But where is the love? Where is the love that you feel when you walk in to a place where you meet up with your friends and embrace in a long hug? Where is the love that you receive when you see someone that you have known or years and know exactly what they want to order and to drink? That is what I have been looking for. I have lived in South Austin for most of my life. I have seen restaurants come and go. But it is rare to find the love that you receive when you walk in to Cherry Creek Catfish on Manchaca and Stassney.


Southern comfort food is pretty hard to find in Austin. We have maybe a handful of restaurants that serve the southern comfort food like this. This restaurant has been located on the corner of Stassney and Manchaca for over 24 years. Serving the great people of South Austin. There is not much going on around these parts. But you do find old Austin here. With places like Conans Pizza, Tuk Tuk and Arandas just seconds away from Cheery Creek. There are a lot of options to try. But one thing that these other restaurants lack in is Love. I have recently visited Cherry Creek a couple of times within the past couple of weeks. One thing that I noticed with this restaurant is the love they have for their customers. The staff at Cherry Creek love what they do. And it shows. Boy does it show. A couple of days after hurricane Harvey hit a Texas  family that evacuated from Houston and came to Austin found themselves at Cherry Creek. They sat a table away from us. We listened to the stories that they were telling each other. You could tell that some members of the family came from different parts of Houston. I never heard them tell the waiter that they were there trying to make sense of what they just encountered. They had their meal. And quietly someone walked up and said the meal was on the restaurant. They sad no. But the restaurant still insisted. There was Love.



Today we had lunch at Cherry Creek again. This time was different. We had Autumn as our server. We spoke to her for a couple of minutes. Within those couple of minutes she was in tears. She spoke of the customers in the restaurant by name. Spoke about what they ordered. She spoke about how some of them have been there for her when she was at her low points in life. She spoke of how she had love for them. Love for her co-workers. She told us about each employee as if they were part of her family. She doesn’t have much family in Austin. But there at Cherry Creek she has a family. Co-owners David Mossell and Danny Leonard took over Cherry Creek back in 2011. From what I could tell the staff really like working for them. Autumn had nothing but good things to say about David. ¬†One thing that I also noticed was that most of the customers were older. The senior community loves this restaurant. Maybe its the love they have for them. The feel of old Austin. Maybe that is what they are looking for.Or its the coupons the find in the local paper. Either way Autumn is glad to serve them.


Ok, so as far as the food goes. We had the catfish dinner plate. It came with 8 pieces of crispy catfish, hush puppies, coleslaw, seasoned french fries and beans. There was nothing really special about what we had. It was all very tasty. It was all made the proper way. I really had no complaints about the food. I love going here. I know that every time I come I’m going to have the same great experience I had the time before. So if you do find yourself in South Austin. And you are looking for a place that will treat you like one of their own visit Cherry Creek Catfish. Feel the love that they have for you as their customer.


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