Texas Forever.

It is not news to those of us who live in Texas. We were hit. We were hit hard. Hurricanes happen all the time. All over the world. But this weekend it’s us. It hit my favorite sptate. It hit Texas. We as Texans have a pride about us. We want things bigger, better, louder, deep fried and smoked. But what happens when we get hit by a hurricane? What happens when there is a point in our lives where we need to prove what type of person we are? Well I’ll tell you what happens. Like the days of old with the Mighty Ducks. We stay together.

Did you know that in Texas we have beaches? Crazy huh? Well we do. And we love them. They are ours. Port A as we call it and Port O’Connor. This is where Harvey hit us the hardest. This is where we got hit in the face. Total loss in those areas. And from there Corpus, Rockport, Houston, Galveston, Victoria to name a few. Harvey hit us hard. Now what? Why am I a food blogger in Austin thinking and writing about this storm? Well as I sit here writing this I’m thinking about my family in Houston. My sister who is sending me pictures of the water rising from her parking lot in her apartment complex. To the edge of the grass where her apartment is. It’s rising rapidly to her door. This is why.

I write about food. Its what I know. Food has been my life for over 15 years. I have had a job in the food service  industry for most of my life. And I know. At times like this. You want a good meal. You want to leave where you are stranded and find food and warmth and possibly a place to take a nap. But the one thing that we all want at this time. What we wait for in times like this is help. We need help. Our people need help. Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and community. We all need help at this time. Below I will have links to where you can help. How you can help. Where you can send your small or large donation. Every bit counts. I’m sorry this isn’t a blog of something Ainsley or I ate. Or an interview from your favorite chef. Tonight we need your help. Tonight we need to come together as Texans. Like our favorite two football players say on our favorite NBC show. Texas Forever.

You can donate to some of these places below. Or just give your time. Both matter to those in need. Both are very important. Thank you and God Bless Texas


TEXAS FOREVER® Unisex T-Shirt – Grey + Navy


Austin restaurants and bars donating to Hurricane Harvey flood relief





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