Introducing Chef Jason

Often people think that the chef’s way is the right way to enjoy food. Not knowing that the chef’s way is usually the cheapest way or whatever ingredients they need to get rid of. Some don’t have the mindset of, is this healthy? It’s usually how much of a profit can I make off of this ingredient? Or how many types of burgers can I have?

To know where your food comes from is such an empowering thing to have. To know what you put into your body. What the chef decided to thoughtfully create. Is magical. To think. This chef had a dream of some sort of what I’m about to eat. The chef thought long and hard about how just the smallest amount of salt is what is needed. They taught their staff that this is what I had in my dream. This is the story I want to tell.

Jason Dreaming

We are so quick to visit the 30 second or less fast food joint. That we forget what we really are putting into our bodies. We learned from super size me what that type of food will do to our bodies. Yet they sell millions of pounds of food a day. And we keep wondering why we are having a hard time losing those last 10 pounds. Why can’t we do it? I mean we get the salad at McDonald’s. That’s healthy right? Well is it? Do you honestly know what’s in it?

Since 2015 I have lost over 130 pounds. I have carefully thought about what I eat. Yes I would be lying if I said I stayed  true to my diet of the week. I am human. I have flaws. I can’t control myself sometimes. I fail. But I get back up. Fall 99 rise 100. I keep going. I forget about that cupcake. I think of meat. Good meat.

I have also been in the service industry for most of life. I am a Chef. It is who I am. Food is my passion.  I love it. I give my all for the industry I love. I do best to make sure my last dish is my favorite. I’m not perfect at what I do. But I never give up. I want to do the best for you. Fight. Grind. Repeat.

Join us as we show you the real side of our industry. Told by those who cook your food. Serve it to you. Those who work hard for very little money. Those who work for their craft. We do everything we can to give you that experience you want. Knowing at the end of the day. We walk to the bus stop. Just to do it again the next day. But we are happy. And we love it.



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